Gender & Equality Policy

1. Introduction

Tackling all forms of inequity, including gender inequality, is crucial for sustainable and peaceful development. Gender inequality is about unequal power relations leading to unequal opportunities to satisfy basic needs and develop oneself to one's full potential and to a decent living. For Bonescreen, working on gender means working with women, men, girls, and boys from all different backgrounds and from an intersectional approach. This means we treat people equally no matter what their gender, age, class, ethnic background, sexual preference (LGBTI) and physical ability (disabled people) is. The adoption of the SDGs confirmed gender equality as a universally recognized core development objective. Women have a critical role to play in all of the SDGs, with many targets specifically recognizing women’s equality and empowerment as both the objective and as part of the solution. Goal 5 is known as the stand-alone gender goal because it is dedicated to achieving these ends.

2. Scope

This is a Bonescreen-wide policy that applies to all Bonescreen operations. It applies to the products we develop and implement in selected countries, to our communication, and to the environment we create to effectively reach our goals. This environment includes our entire organizational structure and culture and the partnerships we engage in. To monitor progress and to keep all units actively involved, we will, as we progress into a more mature company over the next 1-2 years, nominate a dedicated HR responsible to act as our gender focal point. Yearly the gender policy will be reviewed by all gender focal points (if more than one) to update and adjust.

3. Commitments

  • Contribute to the SDG’s and especially to SDG 5 on gender equality and achieve empowerment of all females (women and girls)
  • To implement this gender policy through either the gender focal point or through hiring dedicated staff with the necessary expertise
  • Establish an equal rate across genders within the senior management and advisory board and across the wider organization over the course of the next years
  • Engage in partnerships with organizations that strengthen the gender perspective and stimulate partners to work in partnerships with gender transformative organizations
  • Account for the contribution the organization makes to gender equality
  • Network and lobby at national, regional and global level for regulations, rules, and implementation that lead to greater gender equality
  • Address gender equality in future human resources policies and practices & communication such as annual reporting
  • Train and sensitize staff to be gender sensitive and promote the commitment of the organization in this regard
  • Will share the gender policy actively with partner organizations as part of the contracting and ask partners to share gender policies with Bonescreen
  • Ensure external marketing, fundraising, advocacy, and communications respect and uphold our commitment to gender equality including being respectful, using inclusive and positive language and images and avoiding stereotypes with particular attention to those based on gender
  • Senior management and human resource will ensure that all Bonescreen employees understand and comply with this policy

4. Mission

We do not accept a world of inequality, exclusion, and unsustainability. We are driven by the conviction that we, the human family, can build a better one. We envisage a world where the basics of a life in dignity are available to all. Inspired by values of compassion, solidarity, and subsidiarity, as well as the motivation to counteract inequality and exclusion, Bonescreen’s mission is to assure equal access to our products across genders and an equal gender balance within the team. We pursue this mission by:

  • promoting equality and (social) inclusion
  • increasing resilience (of people and systems)
  • strengthening our advisory team with a diverse background to assure Bonescreen’s product remains all-inclusive
  • committing to a recruitment, hiring process and career progression free from any gender bias; and aiming to achieve an equal balance across genders over the first 3 years of the company

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